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Angela Seward-Trabbold

Good Night Daddy This is a realistic portrayal of a little girl's love for her absent father and her disappointment at being "stood up" by him. Phoebe can hardly contain her excitement as she anticipates the visit that she's been wanting for over two years. When once again her father cancels his visit because "something came up," Phoebe struggles with her disappointment. Her mother helps her realize that she can cope with being disappointed by someone she loves and move ahead with her life.
Maxx Maxx has grown tired of living a dog's life and dreams of one day being a boy. When his Fairy Dogmother appears and offers him one wish, he knows exactly what to wish for, but there's one catch -- he must first find a special wishing bone!

About the Author
Angela Seward-Trabbold is the author of Goodnight, Daddy and Maxx and the Wishing Bone. She is a former news assistant for the Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia, where she wrote news stories as well as occasional columns. She is now married and lives in Newport News, Virginia with her husband, Richard, daughter Ericka, and stepchildren, Jillian and Shannon. Their dog, Ginger, was the inspiration for Maxx. Call (757) 719-4318 to contact the Hampton Roads-based author. Email:

About the Illustrators
Donna Ferreiro, illustrator for Goodnight, Daddy, lives in La Crescenta, California.
Avery Easter, illustrator of Maxx and the Wishing Bone, has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 20 years. He lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with his wife Yewande and daughter, Bemi.


Editorial Reviews

Goodnight, Daddy
“If this story doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re just not human. Unfortunately, it’s an everyday occurrence.” Linda Duval – The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO.

“It saddens me that even though the book is fiction, it is reality. This is where we are in the world today, adults oblivious to the impact their absence has on their children. There isn't anything on a toy store shelf that can replace a parent's time or attention. The ending really is positive, as Phoebe realizes she will be all right.” Sue Ontiveros – Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL.

“The book doesn't condemn the missing parent but beautifully expresses the child's hope to see her daddy.”  Melissa Simpson – The Daily Press, Newport News, Va.


Maxx and the Wishing Bone
"The insight of this modern parable, and its bold, arresting artwork, marks it for consideration as a new classic in children's literature." John Scott Cooper – Waycross Journal-Herald, Waycross, Ga.

“The illustrations are bright and animated giving kids plenty to hold their attention on each page.” – Michael Rolands, The Record-Herald and Indianola Tribune, Indianola, IA.

"Children 3 to 8 will giggle about Maxx and his problems and delight in Avery Easter's bright illustrations." Jeannine Schaub – Boone County News-Republican, Boone, IA.


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