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Eschar Publications provides quality books with timeless appeal. Our books inspireand entertain. We believe that each child and each parent are important, and we offer books that nurture creativity, promotecultural understanding, andthat stimulatethe intellect.

One thing that helps a child to develop a fondness for reading is the feeling that she could be the main character in her favorite books. Children enjoy re-imagining their own world and exploring different life experiences. Moreover, people all over the world enjoy African American music, food, art, and history, but many have not had access to these through children's literature. For this reason, we publish children's literature focused on theAfrican American culture.

NadandaTheWordmaker, which won a "Best Book Award", is the story of an intellectually versatile fourteen year old girl who invents words as a means of fitting in with the most popular school cliques. To her surprise, and to her mother's horror, her words do have meanings that plunge both Nadanda and her mother through winding paths of mystery and suspense.

Our latest book, The Man Who Hid Christmas in a Shoebox, showcases the Season's spirit within families and communities everywhere. We hope this work of children's literature becomes a Holiday favorite in your home, as renowned artist Richard J. Watson has magnified the story with brilliant illustrations.

Another recent book, Create a Math Environment: Revised Edition, adds to our efforts to bring families simple educational tools they can use quickly.

The Man Who Hid Christmas in a Shoebox and Create a Math Environment: Revised Edition are available as eBooks on

We invite you to read our books and to share them with others. As you visit our website, please read our monthly column on "Parenting for Education" and introduce it to your family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks for visiting.